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This page contains PURCHASING AND SUPPLY project topics and materials for undergraduate and post graduate, OND, HND, BSC, PGD, Msc and PHD political science students.The list is as below:

0001]. THE ASSESSMENT ON THE IMPORTANCE OF PURCHASING PROCEDURES IN AN ORGANIZATION (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA BOTTLING COMPANY, ABA): This is a procedures study on the Assessment of Purchasing procedures in an organization. This procedures  project is written to analysis critically the strategies involved in the...{read more and download full material}

0002]. THE IMPACT OF BRANDING ON PATRONAGE OF CUSTOMER GOODS: The purpose of this study is to incorporate the core brand image, brand attitude and brand attachment with environmental consequences to testify the impact on the consumer purchase intentions. Does environmental consequences has some role while formatting purchase intention...{read more and download full material}

0003]. THE IMPACT OF ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR ON PURCHASING BUSINESS STRATEGIES IN AN ORGANIZATION(A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED PURCHASING BUSINESS LIKE ABC TRANSPORT COMPANY OWERRI IMO STATE) : It has been argued that the success and effectiveness of an organization are not determined solely by the abilities and competencies of the employees and management alone, the environment also has found effect on company operations...{read more and download full material}

[4]. CORRUPTION AND PUBLIC ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE NIGERIA POLICE FORCE: Nigeria political and economic system has been characterize by series of crisis in which corruption surface to be one of the major challenges. Thus, this project work examined corruption among the Nigeria Police Force and as it affect the entire public attitude...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[5]. ANALYSIS OF PROPERTIES OF KAOLIN DEPOSITS IN NIGERIA (CASE OF STUDIES OF KPANKOROGI AND IJERO-EKITI): This study considered the mineralogical, elemental composition in form oxides and engineering properties such as particle size, specific gravity, bulk density; water content and atterberg limits of two kaolin deposits in Kpankorogi in Edu Local Government of Kwara State and in Ijero-Ekiti in Ijero-Ekiti Local Government Area, Ekiti State...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[6]. APPLICATION OF MARKETING CONCEPT IN A NON-PROFIT-ORGANIZATION: Marketing is a crucial human invention, it embraces the activities that we engage in to satisfy our economic needs and wont and it is therefore a universal belief that the survival and expansion of a marketing organization is largely a function...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[7]. A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF NEGOTIATION AS A VITAL TOOL TO EFFECTIVE BUYING IN A CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: By no means can all purchases and suppliers matter be dealt with by correspondence and telephone. It is therefore a necessity that face to face •counters sometimes take place to resolve problems and differences which id be overcome by negotiation...READ AND DOWNLOAD

8]. A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF NEGOTIATION AS A VITAL TOOL TO EFFECTIVE BUYING IN A MANUFACTURING COMPANIES: By no means can all purchases and suppliers matter be dealt with by correspondence and telephone. It is therefore a necessity that face to face •counters sometimes take place to resolve problems and differences which id be overcome by negotiation...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[9]. ACCOUNTING RATIO AS A MEASURE OF MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY: RATIO analysis is a powerful tool of financial analysis. According to Kennedy and Macmillan, RATION  is defied as the indicated quotient of two mathematical expressions” and as the relationship  between two or more thing” in financial analysis  a ration is used as an index or yardstick for evaluating the financial position and performance  of a firm...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[10]. EFFECTIVE PURCHASING PLANNING AS A COST REDUCTION TOOL IN THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: Purchasing planning as a managerial function as really come a long way In the past when materials component, parts, energy etc. were abundant and available at ridiculously low prices, purchasing was not given proper chance to operate...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[11]. IMPACT OF STOCK TAKING AS A CONTROL MEASURE IN MANUFACTURING COMPANY: Attempt has been made in this project to discuss generally and analyze the impact of stock taking as a control measure in manufacturing company in Nigeria today, Dangote Flower Mills Ilorin is being chosen as a case study...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[12]. INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT AND ITS JUSTIFICATION: The research work is basically concerned with the international procurement and its justification. The research work covers the purchasing activities of Global Soap and Detergent Industry limited Ilorin...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[13]. THE IMPACT OF MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT    ON STORE ACTIVITIES: Most organizations whether in manufacturing service or extractive field of operating make use of materials handling equipments in their daily operations....READ AND DOWNLOAD

[14]. CORRELATION STUDIES BETWEEN WEIGHT AND BLOOD PRESSURE IN MARRIED WOMEN: There is an increase in the prevalence rates of overweight and obesity across the globe. Blood pressure (BP) has been found to increase among populations with high body mass index (BMI). Overweight and high BP both have independent...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[15]. THE IMPACT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE: This research work investigates the impact of public relations department on organizational productivity. The research work study how the public altitudes are being conveyed to the management, how the policies are being managed and formulated and also the consumer’s perspective of the sokoto state cement company products...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[16]. EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY: CASE STUDY NITEL, ENUGU: The wave of globalisation accompanied by its neo-liberal economic policy has effectuated economic growth and national development in developed countries...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[17]. THE IMPACT OF TRAINING AMONG STAFFS IN AN ORGANISATION: Training can be defined as the act of undergoing some courses after the formal education has been undergone in order to be able to perform effectively. Training can also be defined as an instrument which is essential in the staff development and formulation of promotion policy. It also aimed at the development of a person to acquire enough knowledge skills...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[18]. THE ATTRIBUTES OF AUDIT QUALITY IN RELATION TO FINANCIAL REPORTING QUALITY: Financial statements audit is a monitoring mechanism that helps reduce information asymmetry and protect the interests of the principals, especially, stockholders and potential investors, by providing reasonable assurance that financial statements prepared by managements are free from material misstatements and intentional errors (Watts and Zimmerman, 1986)...READ AND DOWNLOAD

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